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How to create a shareable content
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How to create a shareable content

What makes content shareable 

In today’s date, where social media sharing and viral content are buzzing all over the world, what is the meaning of creating amazing content if no one is watching it? To get as many views as possible, your content must be shareable. Sharable content creation will become viral across the cyberspace as audiences will get connected with a topic or idea and share it with their followers and friends.

Do you know how you will create content that will stand out from a large number of shares? You need to analyze yourself first. Once you successfully analyze yourself and your work then you can focus your target of getting a huge audience who will hit the share button on your page and provide you maximum exposure.

Is your content shareable?

This is the first question you must answer yourself before creating a piece of shareable content. Remember that people share those contents that strike their minds and hearts instantly in such a way that it makes them inform and include their friends and followers.

Lieberman says “shareable content ideas are interesting, helpful or amusing”. These topics remain in our minds in such a way that we think our audience will appreciate them too. To make these ideas possible, create content that is

  • Trending: Related to the latest facts and hot topics
  • Valuable: Give answers and helpful advice
  • Emotional: That triggers your audience emotionally and mentally.
  • Hitched with an Identity: Readers will easily get connected and feel themselves in your content.

10 major tips for content creators in creating shareable content

1. Do complete research

Doing complete research is the easiest way to get a possible audience who will be sharing your content as soon as you share it on your webpage.

So, start spying on your competitors to know how they get their audience to know the insights on the content that your customers want to see.

Here listing a few steps to become a successful competitor by tracking them

  • Prepare a list of top 5 or 10 competitors and check out their social media web pages to determine the traffic
  • Check out the content they have published over the last six months. Scroll the page more to know more. Are they publishing articles, videos, blogs, any other type of content? Is your content similar to theirs?
  • Take a note of highly engaging content on their channel.
  • Check out those high-engagement content and develop yours.

2.Create your storytelling content

Why is strong storytelling content an essential part of making shareable content? Because this will allow your targeted customers to relate their day-to-day experience with your situation. Write a clear introduction, a piece of useful content, and then a conclusion.

The storytelling content that you have created must contain

  • The issues that your customers are experiencing
  • Solutions that your brand can provide
  • How will you convey a story such that your audience will start thinking about these steps and reach a solution

3.Support your customer’s opinions

Another way of creating shareable content is to support your customer’s opinions. This is easy to share as they have got proof from you that their opinions are important.

While creating content you need to think about what your audience wants, what they believe in, and where can you find that information. Useful content not only comprises audience views but also opinions from your industry and colleagues matters. Compile all these innovative opinions and make shareable content.

4.Create useful content

To increase more shares, the content must be useful to your new audience as 95% of users access useful content before sharing it.

How can you make useful content? Think about those issues that your content wants. How can you solve your audience’s problems?

Then give step-to-step information and how to solve the problem. And the final step will consist of a simple click button to share the post with the one who you would be profitable by following the information that you have provided.

5. Appeal your audience

After creating content, encourage your viewers and audience to share it so that you can make content according to other’s values. Others must know that the features of your brand are aligning with theirs. This is another way to connect with a vast audience through your content.

6. Emphasize trending topics

If you are creating content for your company or brand, provide reliable information, changing trends, and unlimited ideas in your content that is related to the current trend of your brand or product. For example, if you are a costume designer, then create content related to new costume trends followed by celebrities and professionals to make your content eye-catchy.

Trends change quickly. So how will you know regarding the current trend? Simply browse Google trends to find the trending topics of the day to collect potential content proposals for your brand.

7. Provide shareable images and videos

Images and videos play a crucial role in increasing engagement of your sharable content. Remember 65 percent of all internet activities increases by watching videos and images attached to any content.

Fortunately, making videos and images is not so difficult as it was then. You will find many marketers with designing teams or can easily learn designing images and video making with these online tools

  • Venngage
  • Piktochart
  • Canva

And you can follow some YouTube tutorials to make quick videos with Google chrome and your webcam.

8. Involve your audience while creating content

Involving your audience during content creation is an interesting tactic where you can try with your subscribers to take part in the research surveys to know about their thoughts on various topics. Then you can collect those quotes and put them in your blog posts to promote them all over the social media. In this way, your audience will get some exposure and they will automatically share your content. The breakdown of this process of how it works:

  • Make a list of your email subscribers and mail them to participate in your survey. Mention every important hint related to your question set that you will ask in the survey.
  • After conducting this survey, write a blog post regarding the topic that contains all the quotes and responses that you have received from your audience
  • Mention your participants individually in that post to thank them for participating in that survey.

9. Inspire people with your content

While writing content, make sure that you are putting your words in such a way that a large mass of audience will get inspired by it. Creating inspiring content is not so easy. Don’t force yourself to create such content easily, it must come out naturally within yourself. Look for such quotes which are related to your audience’s current state, or else ask your audience to get a new inspiring quote.

10. Create hype before launching a new product

People who are connected with you want to know about your plans. Create hype for your next launch (whether it’s a product, service, or something else) in such a way that they will start talking about it.

 Final thoughts

If you are reading the above article then you must have got a clear knowledge of how to create shareable content so that you can encourage your audience to spread your content for you. Besides that, with some more experiment and creativity, you might get some new tactics and plans of your own that will help you to reach the most impossible phase from every content.

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