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Benefits of translating subtitles
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Benefits of translating subtitles

Some of the benefits of translating the subtitle are –

1.     Improve ranking –

Whenever you add subtitles to the video this makes your video rank on a higher level. The ranking is improved as most of the viewers look upon the video. Searchability is increased for the video content. If you are adding subtitles whenever a viewer searches for that video then your video comes on top. This helps to improve the ranking. If your video comes on the top then the first choice of the viewer is your video hence views increased. Ranking helps to improve your views and hence expand your reach. Everybody wants their pages to be on top. Right? So by adding these services you can improve your page ranking.

2.     Reach increased –

If more of the viewers understand the video then it results in increased reach. So it’s important to transcribe it on subtitles so that most of the audience understands the language. This results in increased reach and hence more of the view to the videos. More of the reach more of the views and hence more popular the video. As most people know the English language so transcribing your videos in English will help to expand your videos to other people too who don’t know your language. If you are speaking in your native language which is not understood by others so, the subtitle will help them to make them understand your video.

  • Resource for non-native speakers –

English is the most widespread language. So if you want to make your videos more educational and to a wide range of people, you can use subtitles. Subtitles are the best way to make you communicate with other people if you don’t know their language. This will make your brand bigger. They will be able to understand your video through the subtitle and hence will see you as their influencer. This can be an extra source of income for non-native speakers as they will be able to expand their content to a wider range. Isn’t it great? This will help you to gain more fame, money and respect even you don’t know their language.

4.     Better engagement –

According to a survey, it is seen that views increase up to 90% of you if your videos have subtitles while it drops down to 66% if you don’t have any subtitles. Subtitles help in improving the engagement towards the audience hence , a wide range of expansion. If you don’t have subtitles then it will be like screaming into a well where only a few will understand what you are speaking. This isn’t cool. Right? So, here subtitles come to the rescue which will help you to make other people understand your videos and become popular among a wide audience.

5.     More different content –

If you are having subtitles then it will also open other opportunities for you. You can make a blog post, articles, emails, social quotes, and other things. Isn’t it interesting? Right. If you do not have subtitles, then you have to do all these things manually. So subtitles make your work easier. You can make your blog posts and hence by adding backlinks make it more popular. By adding SEO services you can make it rank on Google and hence, expand your reach. It will enable your video to become more popular and more money. Not only you can make money through the videos but through these, you can earn extra income. More the viewers to your website the more popular your pages and hence more money.

6.     Take away –

Translating services help to make good bonds between different countries. Through your content, you can easily share your ideas between different countries. It will make them appreciate your work and also your views may change their thoughts. It helps in building great relationships between different countries. If something good changes their thoughts then it will make a positive image for that country. So, good bonds can be made between different people.

7.     Viewer’s preference –

According to a survey it is seen that 69% of the viewers prefer to see the video silent when in public. They do not prefer to listen to the video in volume. This results in decease views as viewers lost interest in that video. 29% of viewers prefer to see it in silence when alone. So most of the videos are seen through the subtitles only. This results in more audience and hence more views. So, subtitles are necessary to expand the audience. Viewers’ preferences should be taken into consideration and hence proper subtitles without error should be added to the video.

Apart from the benefits, there are some challenges too while translating the subtitles. Let us have a look at it:

  • Managing the timeline – Timeline management is the most important challenge to the subtitles. Maintaining the timeless according to the context is important. Make sure that the subtitles match the video pace and hence do not lag or lead the video. So timeline management should be there.
  • Readability – Managing readability should be done. The transcribed English should be accurate and readable to the viewers. Every word should be understood by the viewers.
  • Technical aspects – Sometimes text format does not support the format of the video hence technical aspects should be seen. Make sure that this problem is resolved for the proper formation of video.

Therefore, translation of subtitles in video posts are necessary to connect with people speaking in different languages. It enhances the experience of viewers to the next level. The number of languages you opt for subtitling translations, the more you expose your content to international audience. Other than subtitle translations, dubbing and voiceovers can also help to reach out viewers on multiple levels.

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